• Why Am I talking? Are you speaking with integrity, honesty, and love? Or are you speaking from a place of fear, negativity, and hate? It is so easy for us to say of course the first one but think about it. Do you notice the first thing people say when they get together is what is wrong with them and their life? Then a group of people will get together and keep complaining as it’s a competition on who’s life is worse?

  • How do you speak to yourself? Do you beat yourself up, complain about your body, or feeling not good enough, or constantly putting yourself down and even other’s? When You WAIT, you can stop and ask Why Am I Talking and before saying something, think of the reasons. Sometimes silence is the best form of communication as well.
  • What Am I Thinking? Are your thoughts full of judgement, or maybe you’re thinking about all the problems of yesterday. Our thoughts can be powerful enough to create a story that doesn’t exist, and if we keep running those negative thoughts, it will lead to a life you don’t even like. Next time you have those negative thoughts running through your head, try asking yourself, “what do I want to think instead!”
  • What Action I’m Taking? Are you acting out of kindness, or for recognition. Are you moving towards your dreams or making excuses. A simple act of kindness could change someone’s life, and you have no idea! We can change the world, one person at a time by even making the smallest acts. Making sure you are taking care of yourself is crucial. You can’t help anyone else if you’re depleted. Sometimes rest is the best action to take too.

W3 equals R is $444 for six weeks


The way we talk + the way we think + the way we act create our reality.

Now that you are aware of the power you have, how are you going to choose how to use it? Let’s explore this!

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