Amazon # 1 Best Seller

Skip the Pain, Experience the Pleasure Skip the Pain, Experience the Pleasure Skip the Pain, Experience the Pleasure

Cut the Crap that’s Holding You Back
so You Can Live the Life You Love.
Step into Christa’s world as she unveils her secret formula to becoming resilient through the trials of life. Hold on tight as she reveals how she overcame a head on collision, having her husband die in her arms, and battling a chronic illness.

In her darkest moments, she found the light of healing, and now she’s hell-bent on helping you find your way through the shadows too.

About The Book

Amazon # 1 Best Seller

Christa will teach you how you are stronger than your circumstances. You will learn that clinging to the past is like using a broken pencil – utterly pointless.

While reading this book, you will find it full of humor, leaving you feeling easily uplifted and empowered. This book will either change your life, or give you a good laugh, either way it’sa win-win!

Come along on this journey to Skip the Pain, Experience the Pleasure as let’s be honest, we have one life to live, and who doesn’t want to cut the crap that’s holding you back so you can live the life you love?

Soul Of A Diamond

Christa Rose is a co-author of Soul of a Diamond. Get ready to dive into the incredible stories of women from all corners of the globe who aren’t afraid to bare it all and share their journeys. This book isn’t just about overcoming life’s challenges; it’s about finding inspiration to live your best life. You’ll be hooked from the first page, which will give you profound insights that will change the way you think and will create a ripple effect long after you close this book.
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