Speaking Engagements

Christa is the author of the best-selling book Skip The Pain, Experience The Pleasure, cut the crap that’s holding you back so you can live the life you love.
From the moment Christa steps on stage, she compels audiences to laugh while they learn. An engaging and down-to-earth speaker, Christa easily connects with audiences of any size and demographic. Through corporate talks, intimate venues, and nonprofit events, she leaves them with empowering tools long after the lights go out.
Christa’s life has been filled with challenges, some of which include a head-on collision, losing her spouse at just 24, battling Lyme disease, and uncovering a rare condition called Anti-Gad 65. She is an advocate for rare diseases. But she doesn’t let these setbacks define her. With a blend of humor and wisdom, she tells her story of bouncing back from rock bottom to reaching soaring heights.
Christa’s talks can be arranged for any focuses on how she became resilient by sharing the lessons she learned along the way, empowering audiences to step up and actively shape their own lives.
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