How I Discovered the Steps to Being
Mentally Strong

How I Discovered How To Be Mentally Strong
(And I Thought I Was!)

I get overwhelmed sometimes with simple tasks or questions, usually because there are other things happening in my life. Sure, life sometimes it’s easy and nice, other times it is hard and painful and just downright depressing. It doesn’t matter whether we consider them good or bad is all up to us, even though so many times for me at least, I wanted to run away but I found no matter how fast I ran, my mind and thoughts would always catch up with me.

Mentally strong? Seems like something from an old psychology book but it’s true. It’s actually a crucial way of coping that can keep us moving forward instead of staying stuck in the past pain.

So, I did some research, and really observed some people who always seemed to have it all together, and I’m not talking about material things, but seem to be more relaxed and at peace. Sign me up for that!

What did I find? Mentally strong people are able to take the problems, and pressure life throws at them and turn them into lessons and opportunities to grow from. I learned the hard way was to get out of my head and try some of these steps. I finally was able to grasp some of the ideals..

You know what I found? People who are mentally strong people aren’t very much different from the rest of us. You can become mentally strong (huge relief for me). You just need to know what they do – especially when the going gets tough – then train yourself to do those things.

15 Ways to People Get Through Tough Times by Being Mentally Strong

  1. They detach themselves from the situation.

This is a biggie for me. When unfortunate events occur, they don’t allow themselves to spiral into self-pity and depression.

They don’t waste time wallowing, wondering why the whole universe has decided to conspire against them. They simply realize that it is an event that has happened, and all that is left to do is to respond in a helpful way.

  1. They motivate themselves.

By letting go of self-limiting beliefs, (what I like to say is the crap that’s holding them back) they give themselves the strength to face adversity.
They give themselves pep talks, talk to others, or find a way to stay accountable. If they stumble, they learn and keep going. No excuses.

  1. They accept challenges.

Mentally strong people don’t go looking for problems, but are always ready to face one when it arises.

They don’t try to hide from it or even complain, but simply take it as part of life.

  1. They focus on the things they can control.

Rather than worrying about the ninety-nine things they have no control over, they focus on the one thing they do and do their best at resolving that one. For me I start to discover more things I have control over, and more things I don’t.

  1. They persevere.

They say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Mentally strong people are able to stick to their goals through hell and high water, retaining enough endurance to weather the storm when they find themselves in helpless situations.

  1. They quit.

Yes that’s right, mentally strong people choose their struggles wisely.

They may decide to quit a certain course of action if they realize that it is not worth the effort, or would cost them something greater. This is what I call pick your battles.

Mentally strong people have the courage to: They admit when they are wrong. Or realize they have simply missed the opportunity and they throw in the towel without (Key word for me) feeling bad about it.

  1. They practice self-care.

Use to be a foreign word for me. No matter where they are in live, they realize that they need to be in good mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological states to tackle the challenges. Basically, they practice self-care, especially when they are going through difficult times, but more important when they’re not so they are already “filled up” instead of being drained.

  1. They shuffle their priorities.

In the face of difficulty, mentally strong people make time to prioritize activities.

They decide what goals are worth chasing, and use their energy wisely. They don’t allow the heat of the moment pressure to overwhelm them into taking unproductive actions.

  1. They set-up their environment for success.

This might sound off but mentally tough people don’t always use their willpower to overcome challenges. For instance, a mentally tough person might decide to: unfollow social media pages, hide the cookie jar, keep their phones in the other room in order to control their impulses to scroll and then end up ruminating over what they saw or read.

This doesn’t mean that they are weak, but that they understand that negativity and temptation are some things we can control.

  1. They help other people.

Rather than obsessing about themselves, mentally strong people help the suffering of those around them. This effect helps them rise above their pains and suffering.  It helps them focus less on their problems, and more about helping someone else.

  1. They count their blessings.

Rather than complaining and whining, they practice gratitude, and this helps them see life from a clearer perspective. Often it is impossible to imagine that what you have is someone else’s dream.

  1. They reflect on the past.

They take out time to consider the past – in order to learn the necessary lessons, and grow from the mistakes and pains.

  1. They seek help and support.

When things get tough, they do not hesitate to reach out for help.

  1. They cry.

Mentally strong people properly process their emotions. Crying is a way to release built up pain, and can help you move on. It becomes a relief afterwards. There’s a reason you hear people say all they need is a good cry.

  1. They remain flexible.

Probably the most important quality of mentally strong people is their ability to adapt to changing times and situations.

They don’t force themselves to feel certain ways, or deny reality altogether, but are able to move from one emotional, situational, and environmental state to another without loss of hope, or direction.  They ride the waves. Sometimes things rise up, emotions  peak, but they will always come down. The waters may be choppy but soon it will settle.

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